Full Moon: March 9-11

Keywords: Transformation,  intensity, acceptance, next steps, new phase, the bigger picture, taking action

It’s Time to Get Real

There is so much focus on meditating, getting into alignment and honing in our soul’s desires. This is such an important part of our spiritual journeys. It’s important to get into the proper soul and mind space to attract all we desire to create in our life’s experience here on earth. However, you may feel as though you have been working on that part of your journey for quite some time now. You’ve done the vision boarding, you’ve done the meditations, you’ve done the yoga, you’ve done the intention work, and things are still a bit sticky. What gives, universe?

This March’s full moon is a Super Moon, which occurs when the moon connects to “the perigee“.  In short, a Super Moon is when the moon is closest to the Earth. Those who are in strong alignment with the Moon’s pull may have felt a bit sluggish, tired and foggy in the past few days as we’ve led up to the full moon. Expect to finally find some clarity. This Super Moon will highlight what has been lacking in our execution. As Virgo is the sign of truth, we will be confronted with our own truths under the illumination of the Super Moon, showing us what we have been neglecting to put into action to make all of those desires fully come into fruition.

In short, it’s time to get real with ourselves. While the intention-writing is good, what have we been doing to actually make those visions come true? Are you ready to face what you need to do to move into the next phase?

The Door to The Next Phase

The entire month of March is a great one to embrace a new energy of transformation. Leverage the forward momentum you are feeling and allow yourself to step through the door to the next phase under this Full Moon. As a collective, we are so tied down to January as the start of our proverbial new beginnings. However, in March, we welcome the Spring Equinox and the start of the astrological year. This is the time to bloom and truly begin and invite proper transformation into new forms, new starts, new lives, new directions with full celestial support.

However, as we realize our own powers to create, it is important to keep our egos in check. While things may start to get easier and the possibility of positive change puts a spring into your step, be mindful of the energy you are sending out in to the world. It is important to remain grateful and humble. Further to that, in order for us to move into the next phase, it is important we accept the past and forgive versions of ourself that are no longer aligned with the person we are becoming.

Accept and Forgive

In order to move forward, extend kindness to your past self. In times of trouble, we often find ways to cope that are not always productive or aligned with our higher selves. It is important not to dwell on who you once were or where you once were. Extend forgiveness to your past self. Send love to that person who did their best with the circumstances they had. And be prepared to move forward into the exciting new phase that lays before you.

Spring Is Here

In short, spring is upon us and we have the opportunity to leave behind a dark time, one of fogginess, insecurity and unknowing. Lean into the opportunities that lend promise for happiness under this Super Moon and get ready for a joyous new season.