Full Moon: February 19th-21st

Key Words: Freedom, Excitement, Romance, Opportunity, Sex, Liberation, Potential

January and February may have felt as though you were put through the ringer, but fret not dear moon-gazer for your luck is about to change. Or at least your perspective is.

If you are noticing an uplift in emotion and a pep in your step that has been lacking the past couple weeks, you are likely tuning in emotionally to February’s full moon strong pull. This is a full moon abundant with an air of excitement and adventure, as well as courage and confidence. The goals and dreams you have been working towards in the past months may start to show signs that they are all attainable, possible and well within your reach with the bright light from our glorious moon. Now is a time to LEAN IN to those energies with complete gusto. The fogginess of the mind and convoluted clouds of low confidence are starting to part. You will feel shocks of electricity that startle you from this heavy winter slumber. Spring is around the corner and that is exciting.

Tensions in relationships may start to ease so take the time to nourish them with love and attention. If you have been facing a sexual wall, this full moon is a great time to set your mind to opening up, so to speak, nurturing both yourself and your partner with physical connection. If you have been struggling with relationship connections amongst friends or at work, this is also a great time to make amends.

And while we may be feeling excited, relieved, confident and happy, planetary alignment this full moon suggests that there will be some instances of falsity and power, ambition and people who may not have your best interests in mind. Simply keep that in the back of your mind as you move full speed ahead this full moon, fuelled by positivity and alignment. Don’t let false riches distract you. Stay pure.

Go back to the goals you set during the opportunistic new moon of February 4th. Assess how you felt when you set those intentions and how you are feeling now. Dive into the possibilities and liberate yourself from everything that has been holding you back. Now is the time to make your dreams come true.