Rulers Make Bad Lovers: Welcome to the New Moon in Libra Blog Image

Moon Cycle: From October 8th – November 6th 

Full Moon: October 24th 

Keywords: Partnerships, Relationships, Justice, Trust, Faith, Health 

The moon indeed never lies. It’s no surprise that during a particularly disappointing time in the world from a judiciary perspective, we are entering a new moon in Libra, a sign that is represented by the scales of justice. Lady Libra is feeling a little winded at the moment. As with all moon cycles, we are more attuned to the energies of the sign the moon is in and Libras strongly value balance, fairness and justice, compassion and grace. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling  unbalanced, extra-charged, angry and triggered over current particular world (ahem, US-based) events that seem unjust and just appalling, understand that your sense of justice is working in overdrive. Honour your anger but do not let it consume you. Change comes from clarity of vision.

What Do You Believe? 

This new moon in Libra is inviting us to look inside and try to understand where our own moral checks and balances come into play. How strongly do you believe in what you say and how far are you willing to go to stand up for what is right? Be wary, as we are all feeling protective of our beliefs and bodies at the moment. With the new moon square Pluto and Venus in Retrograde, we may find ourselves in situations where we go too far to protect our beliefs, causing unnecessary issues and conflicts. By all means, protect your values, but ensure your approach is graceful, leaving you in the best light.

Women Are Centre

Interestingly enough, this new moon will highlight the rights of women as it is conjunct Ceres and quincunx Neptune. While typically this alignment brings up issues surrounding the rights of women; particularly single parents, it seems as though the rights of women in other matters are highlighted at the moment. Honour that. Take time this moon cycle to extend love, light and positive energy to the women around us; those who raised us, those who comfort us and those who stand up for us.

This is a beautiful moon cycle to circle and connect with your female allies, even if you are male. The energy of the female is strong at the moment and bonding together is a great way to soothe our souls.

A Highlight On Health 

This new moon also puts a spotlight on our health and the concept of detoxification. Whether you need a good cleanse in diet or in your life, we are called to cut everything that stands in our way of being our best selves, including bad habits and toxic people. Any moves we make this new moon to better our health and relationships will go a long way. A large transformation may be on the horizon in terms of our health or relationships, so be proactive and stand up for what’s best for you. Cut out negativity in all its forms and embrace self-love.