Sunday's Full Moon In Pisces: It's Time to Clean Your Closet Blog Image

The full moon will be in Pisces this Sunday, and we’re so ready to hand ourselves over to this ever-dreamy but determined and driven sign. It is no surprise that some of us are feeling a little spun out and weak at the knees after this summer’s whirlwind of retrograde activity, eclipses and super moons and blood moons, oh my. This summer, the cosmos called us to reflect and face ourselves directly, to go deep inside and allow whatever comes up to be acknowledged and recognized. We were given support from the universe to let go of everything that doesn’t serve us, as well as insight (if we were listening) to determine what we truly want in life, what our goals are and what needs to be done to achieve them.

The new moon in Leo brought on August 11th brought us the courageous and fierce energy of the lion, guiding us in setting our new lunar cycle intentions with precision and confidence. You may have felt a bit like a live wire over the past week or so, ready to jump in defence of yourself, fiercely protective of your beliefs, your morals and what you believe is true and right.

We can thank the Lion for helping us set our intentions during the new moon phase with clarity and pure strength in vision, while recognizing a need to take a break from being overt with our ideals and positions. The universe has heard your roar and now it’s time to give into the softer side of the Pisces.

Full Moon in Pisces August 26th: Surrender

With the full moon in Pisces, we are called to surrender our need to know all the answers about the future and take things as they come, giving into our capacity for trust; trust in ourselves, trust in others and trust in the universe. We may find ourselves to be grappling with issues or conflicts around how our quest for spirituality can live in harmony with our need for material items. This is represented in the sign for Pisces; two fish tied together but swimming opposite directions. One fish represents our spiritual side, the other represents our material side. When we find a way to let our two sides compliment each other, we can navigate the waters of life with greater ease.

Although we are reminded to find balance between our two sides, Pisces is a dreamy sign and one that tends to connect with the more spiritual aspects of life. This is why during a full moon in Pisces, we are invited to leverage this ability and go deep, to find connectivity with ourselves and others, as well as the divine. If you are interested in astrology, tarot or meditation, this full moon is an excellent time to put your interests into action.

It’s Time to Clean Your Closet

That said, a full moon in Pisces can bring up our emotions in a less than productive way. Make sure that you are not avoiding reality, overstepping boundaries or giving into self-indulgent behaviours. While Pisces is dreamy and content to swim along in a sea of dreams and emotions, this full moon will be opposite the sun in practical Virgo, bringing clarity to the situation. The sun in Virgo will help us sift through these emotions that come up during the full moon in Pisces and put them to practical use. Think of her like a practical and wise mother or grandmother who knows what you need in your messy closet and knows what you don’t. She’ll help you eliminate the clutter; in work, in relationships and inside your own mind.

The sun in Virgo also will remind our Pisces selves to take care of the trivia, the minutiae at home, at work and for our bodies. This full moon, make sure that your temples are in order; your living space and your beautiful, serving body. Put aside a day to clean out your apartment and book that doctor’s appointment you have been putting off.


The full moon in Pisces is opening the pathway to our next chapter. Like for real, if you have been putting in the work, it will start to pay off and you can’t have extra baggage holding you back as you embark on this next exciting chapter. You will be called to give into the unknown and trust the natural transitions. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to things or people that have been dragging you down.


The most important part of a full moon in Pisces is to listen. Your capacity to connect to Spirit and the Divine will be running high this full moon so listen to what is coming through during moments of solitude and meditation. Set aside time to embrace the messages that are trying to come in as we head into what has the potential to be a very successful fall. This really is your time, you just need to believe it.