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Full Moon: October 24th – 26th aka The Hunter’s Moon

Key Words: Evolution, Change, Inner Strength, Self-Worth, Excitement, Personal Power

October’s moon cycle started with the new moon in Libra, with a spotlight on our partnerships and relationships. We moved into this cycle with a period of detoxification, purifying our lives subconsciously through interactions with others. People, situations and objects that no longer serve us are finding a way to remove themselves from our life experience. For example, you may have ended a working relationship or removed yourself from a toxic situation. Or you could have faced and overcome a difficult challenge, stepping into a new understanding of who you are and what you can do. Setting the stage for what’s next…..

It’s Time for a Change

The full moon in Taurus is an exciting time, bringing with it a level of uncertainty. For our ancestors, the October full moon was the Hunter’s Moon. With the Harvest Moon behind us, this is a time when we hunt and gather for the long winter ahead. From an emotional standpoint, you may be feeling anxious while ready to confront challenges ahead. This is prime game time. The stage is set for us to step into our personal power and make claim to what is fully ours. The question is, will you answer the call?

Taurus is an earthly, sensical, stubborn and thick-skinned sign. Channel that bull-like energy to propel you forward into the unknown and stake a claim on what is rightfully yours this full moon. The promotion, the client, the relationship you have been nervous to take to the next level. You deserve fulfillment in all aspects of life. This full moon will highlight what we feel is missing in areas of finance, relationships and material possessions.

If we can leverage this Full Moon energy through concerted action towards our intentions, we will see powerful manifestations unfold.

There Will Be Surprises 

Expect the unexpected. The moon is conjunct Uranus during this full moon, meaning this will be a period of change and uncertainty. The ride will be bumpy, challenging and incredibly exciting. Change is on the horizon and we are called to accept each and every new curve. Not all surprises are bad, although we may feel like it at the time. We will face situations that invite our true selves to rise to the occasion. Will you cower or will you stand strong in your new power like a bull? Leverage the strength and stubborn qualities of the Taurus. Stake unmistakable claim on what is yours. You have been calling this in for a while and now is the time to evolve into the next level of being.


Both the Moon and Uranus are opposite Venus at the moment, signalling change in love. Avoid unnecessary tensions and dramas in relationships at the moment, including temptations and experimentations that could lead you astray from your true love. Channel the extra electricity running through your blood into positive sexual experiences, passionate flirtations and beautiful exchanges of body. This is the perfect time to give and receive with a partner, embrace love, sex and pleasure in positive ways that leave you feeling divine.

In Short
Now’s the time, you powerful being. Step into your hunter’s garb and stake claim on who you are and what you are here for; love, pleasure, success and happiness. Stock your shelves for the winter ahead and prepare yourself for the unexpected. A true hunter appreciates the game and can leverage surprises to winning advantage.